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Outdoor Blinds

Premium Outdoor Roller Blinds

Outdoor Blinds, the ultimate selection for contemporary, efficient, and stylish window treatments. Customized for both indoor and outdoor settings, our Ziptrak Blinds provide unmatched privacy and light handling.
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Outdoor Blinds: Modern Elegance

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds represent a state-of-the-art solution for enhancing outdoor living spaces. These blinds are meticulously designed to fit various outdoor areas, including patios, verandahs, and alfresco spaces, offering a sleek visual enclosure. They are distinguished by their innovative spring-balanced system, eliminating the necessity for zippers, cords, ropes, or wires. With options available in sunscreen mesh and clear PVC, Ziptrak® blinds provide both UV protection and clear vistas, catering to individual preferences and aesthetic needs.

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Exploring Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds

Patio blinds are an ideal choice for homeowners aiming to enhance their outdoor living experiences. They are also a perfect selection for businesses such as cafes and retail establishments, providing an elegant yet practical solution for outdoor areas. Whether for residential patios or commercial outdoor venues, these blinds elevate visual appeal, shield against the elements and insects, and establish a comfortable outdoor atmosphere all year long.


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Benefits Of Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds

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Strong and Durable Sunscreen Mesh

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds will accommodate a variety of sunscreen fabrics including woven mesh. The weight and weave density of the mesh will influence the level of transparency and UV protection.

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Transparent PVC For Clear Views

Clear and tinted PVC is a popular option for many homeowners and businesses. Only the highest quality Japanese PVC is used in Ziptrak® blinds.

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Armadale Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds Pricing

While specific pricing details are not available, Ziptrak® outdoor blinds are a premium, customized solution. The cost varies based on individual requirements, chosen materials, and installation specifics. Clients are encouraged to contact for a personalized quote.

Ziptrak® Outdoor Blind Styles & Options

Ziptrak® blinds come in a variety of styles and options. Clients can choose from a range of sunscreen fabrics or clear and tinted PVC for different levels of transparency and UV protection. The aluminum components are available in six standard colors or can be powder-coated to any desired color, offering extensive customization to match any décor.

Frame Colours

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Pelmet & Brackets

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Armadale Patio Blinds

Motorised Options

With the touch of a button, the outdoor blind can be lowered, operating on either household or solar power. The motor is hidden within the pelmet and looks no different to a non-motorised blind. You can stop the blind at any height, whilst the motor provides a quiet, smooth glide.

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FAQ about Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds

Yes, they are designed to handle high winds. Specific wind ratings depend on the size and materials used, with larger blinds and clear PVC being less capable than mesh surfaces.

Yes, Property Kidd offers motorized blinds that can be operated with a touch of a button, either using household or solar power.

Yes, our blinds feature a locking mechanism that secures them in fully lowered positions, ensuring stability even in windy conditions.

Regular cleaning with mild detergent and water is usually sufficient. It’s also important to retract them during severe weather conditions to ensure longevity.

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Ziptrak® Blinds Inspiration

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